What is supervisor

Supervisor is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.

Why I colored it

I use supervisor a lot (the organization I work for uses supervisor a lot), so this meant, from time to time I had to do supervisorctl status and read the output.

Current supervisor output

I was always jealous of the JS folks as they had their pm2 which made things colorful and pretty by default.

Current pm2 output

So, this weekend, I spent around 1 hour to do justice by supervisor.

I used tabulate and crayons to convert the output in a tabular format and color it respectively. I also used psutil to get CPU and memory usage as well. So, here is the final outcome.

Current supervisor output

How to use it

pip install git+https://github.com/yashmehrotra/supervisor.git