A few of my “popular” works. The unpopular ones can be found on my github.

💂‍♂️ Soldier

Soldier is a python library designed for executing and managing system processes with ease. It is written on top of subprocess and has a much user-friendly and pythonic interface.

>>> import soldier
>>> print(soldier.run('pwd').output)

>>> firefox_process = soldier.run('firefox', background=True)
>>> firefox_process.pid

>>> job = soldier.run('myjob', timeout=30)

🔐 Simple GPG

Simple-gpg does one thing, and does it really well - Encrypt & decrypt a file or folder with a password.

It was built using golang to simplify the ease of installing it everywhere (since golang code can be shipped as a binary)

# To encrypt a file
$ simple-gpg accounts.pdf
Enter password: **********
Encryption successful: accounts.pdf.gpg

# To decrypt a file
$ simple-gpg -decrypt accounts.pdf.gpg
Enter password: **********
Decryption successful: decrypted-accounts.pdf.gpg

⛱ Gokarna

Gokarna is an opinionated theme with a focus on minimalism and simplicity for Hugo. I made this with my friend Avijit as a hobby project and we were pleasantly surprised to see the traction it gained.

Fun fact: This website is built using Gokarna

Screenshot of the homepage