• GopherCon India 2022: Spawning isolated developer environments

    Slides | Video

    I wrote a kubernetes controller in Go to spawn isolated development environments. It allowed developers to create prod-like environments for rapid development in an instant. We’ll dive into the problem it solves, my journey building it, the need for robustness and the impact it had.


  • Docker Meetup Pune: Multi-staged builds using Docker


    Spoke about mutli-staged builds in Docker, their usecases and the best practices.

  • RootConf India 2020: Controlling AWS EKS access via IAM

    Slides | Video

    Gave a talk on a tool I made which synced AWS IAM groups and users with EKS as kubernetes groups and users.


  • PyCon India 2015: Intro to SQLAlchemy

    Slides | Video

    This flash talk gives you a quick intro into SQLAlchemy and how to run basic CRUD queries.